Title Authors Journal Altmetric
Polygenic Risk Score Associates With Atherosclerotic Plaque Characteristics at Autopsy. Cornelissen A
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Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology


Title Authors Journal Altmetric
Polygenic Risk Score Associates with Atherosclerotic Plaque Characteristics at Autopsy. Cornelissen A
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bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology


Title Authors Journal Altmetric
Phenome-Wide Association Study of Severe COVID-19 Genetic Risk Variants. Regan JA
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Title Authors Journal Altmetric
Metabolomic profiling identifies complex lipid species and amino acid analogues associated with response to weight loss interventions. Bihlmeyer NA
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Association of Metabolic Phenotypes With Coronary Artery Disease and Cardiovascular Events in Patients With Stable Chest Pain. Kammerlander AA
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Metabolites and diabetes remission after weight loss. Kwee LC
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Title Authors Journal Altmetric
Novel plasma biomarkers improve discrimination of metabolic health independent of weight. Ellison S
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Scientific reports
Genetic Determinants of Electrocardiographic P-Wave Duration and Relation to Atrial Fibrillation. Weng LC
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Circulation. Genomic and precision medicine
Rationale and design of "Hearts & Parks": study protocol for a pragmatic randomized clinical trial of an integrated clinic-community intervention to treat pediatric obesity. Armstrong SC
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Novel methods for integration and visualization of genomics and genetics data in Alzheimer's disease. Bihlmeyer NA
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Alzheimer's & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer's Association


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Neuronal calcineurin transcriptional targets parallel changes observed in Alzheimer disease brain. Hopp SC
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Exome-chip meta-analysis identifies novel loci associated with cardiac conduction, including ADAMTS6. Prins BP
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Common and Rare Coding Genetic Variation Underlying the Electrocardiographic PR Interval. Lin H
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ExomeChip-Wide Analysis of 95 626 Individuals Identifies 10 Novel Loci Associated With QT and JT Intervals. Bihlmeyer NA
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Title Authors Journal Altmetric
Discovery of novel heart rate-associated loci using the Exome Chip. van den Berg ME
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Human molecular genetics
Large-scale analyses of common and rare variants identify 12 new loci associated with atrial fibrillation. Christophersen IE
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SOS2 and ACP1 Loci Identified through Large-Scale Exome Chip Analysis Regulate Kidney Development and Function. Li M
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Title Authors Journal Altmetric
Whole Exome Sequencing in Atrial Fibrillation. Lubitz SA
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Closing gaps between open software and public data in a hackathon setting: User-centered software prototyping. Busby B
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Low-frequency and rare exome chip variants associate with fasting glucose and type 2 diabetes susceptibility. Wessel J
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Title Authors Journal Altmetric
Genetic diversity is a predictor of mortality in humans. Bihlmeyer NA
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Transcellular degradation of axonal mitochondria. Davis CH
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