Curriculum vitae


Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Genetics and Molecular Biology, 2011 – 2017

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellow Link 2

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Minor in Genetics, 2007 – 2011

Summa Cum Laude, Barry M. Goldwater Scholar Link 2

Research Experience

Postdoctoral Fellow, 6/2018-12/2022

Laboratory of Svati H Shah, MD, MHS

Duke Molecular Physiology Institute, Durham, NC

Postdoctoral Fellow, 1/2017-6/2018

MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease (MIND) Informatics group

Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA

Graduate Student, 8/2011 – 1/2017

Laboratory of Dan E Arking, PhD

McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Baltimore, MD

Rotation Student, 8/2011 – 12/2011

Laboratory of Nicholas Marsh-Armstrong, PhD

Hugo W Moser Research Institute, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, MD

Undergraduate Student, 5/2008 – 7/2011

Laboratory of Robert G Franks, PhD

Department of Genetics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC


Expertise in Diverse in Multi-Omic Analyses


NextGen-seq (NGS) including whole exome (WES) and genome (WGS) sequencing
Illumina and Affymetrix genotyping arrays for common and rare variants


Affymetrix microarray


Olink platform
Mass spectrometry-based
Targeted ELISA


Mass spectrometry-based nontargeted and targeted (Broad Institute and Duke versions)
Biocrates platform


16S Metagenomics

Clinical Labs and Surveys

Proficient in Software and Programming Languages

R Perl Python
Java Bash Linux
Plink (1.07, 1.9, and 2) Impute2 ShapeIT
DEPICT Eigenstrat Epacts
FAST R-seqMeta R-survival
Bowtie (2)⁣⁣ TopHat (2) Cufflinks (2)
Affymetrix Power Tools⁣⁣ NCBI SRA Toolkit IGV
Open Grid Engine⁣⁣ Slurm IBM Platform LSF
Docker⁣⁣ Kubernetes Openshift
Machine Learning Tensorflow Keras
Scikit-learn Python-pandas R-phyloseq

History of work using Molecular Biology Techniques

Dissection of optic nerve Cryosectioning
in situ Hybridization FISH with Mito DNA
TUNEL assay Immunohistochemistry
Protein in vitro expression⁣⁣ Protein-protein interaction assays
Protein Solubilization Phenotypic Analysis
Western Plotting Affinity Chromatography
Sub-cloning E. coli Culturing and Induction
Yeast 2-Hybrid Oligo Design
Confocal Microscopy PCR Amplification
Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation (BiFC)


Oral Presentations

Bihlmeyer NA, et al. Investigating the effects of coding variants on QT and JT intervals utilizing data from 95,626 individuals. American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting 2015. Link 2

Bihlmeyer, NA, et al. Characterization of Physical Interactions within a Multimeric Transcriptional Corepressor Complex in Arabidopsis. Fourth Annual Atlantic Coast Conference Meeting of the Minds Conference 2009. Link 2

Poster Presentations

Bihlmeyer, NA, et al. Pediatrics and proteins: Unique biology of children undergoing obesity intervention. NHGRI Annual Training & Career Development Meeting 2022.

Bihlmeyer, NA, et al. Pediatrics and proteins: Molecular discovery in the Hearts & Parks study of children with obesity. American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting 2021.

Bihlmeyer, NA, et al. Omic profiling identifies complex lipid species and metabolism-related proteins associated with response to weight loss interventions. American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting 2020.

Bihlmeyer, NA, et al. Imputation of plasma metabolites using whole exome sequencing data. American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting 2019.

Bihlmeyer, NA et al. Metabolic pathways and obesity interventions. American Heart Association Children's Strategically Focused Research Network Annual Meeting 2019.

Bihlmeyer, NA, et al. Metabolite Pathways in Pediatric Obesity Interventions. American Heart Association Children's Strategically Focused Research Network Annual Meeting 2018.

Bihlmeyer, NA, et al. Genetic Diversity is a Predictor of Survival in Humans. American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting 2013.

Bihlmeyer, NA, et al. Whole Genome Heterozygosity as a Predictor of Longevity. 6th Annual Symposium and Poster Session on Genomics and Bioinformatics by the Center for Computational Genomics at Johns Hopkins 2012.
Presentation was awarded “Best poster in the category of biology.”

Bihlmeyer, NA, et al. Exploration of Transcriptional Control Pathways Involving SEUSS in Arabidopsis thaliana. State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium 2010.

Bihlmeyer, NA, et al. Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation as a Method to Study Transcriptional Regulatory Complexes. North Carolina State University’s Annual Genetics Department Retreat 2010.
Presentation was awarded “Potential to be Great Award.”











Undergraduate Activities and Societies








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